Project Cow : Cow is an essential requirement for Human Being.


Cow is one of the most common animal that can be found on Malaysia as it supply us with dairy milk. For a child that still in a middle of growing, they need to be supply with milk. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to buy milk because, let’s face it, milk is expensive!.

Research question

  • How to accurately determine the weight of the call ?
  • How to determine that the vision system can effectively give the accurate result from the data ?
  • How to determine the growth of calf ?

Objective of the study

  • To measure the weight of calf autonomously when needed at certain time period.
  • To apply artificial intelligence vision system to integrate with the weight data and determine the calf behavior.
  • To investigate the growth of calf using the weight data recorded.


A series of step in the proposed framework


We proposed a solution to solve this problem by using a veterinary surveillance system to support the dairy calf rearing decision based on artificial intelligence and machine vision. The system will be having 3 main module:

  • Optimized daily food or medicine intake calculation
  • A stochastic bioeconomic model to estimate costs of rearing.


Cow Cages

3D design of the cow cages.
The design of cow cages in real size


The system will be able to provide us with a few opportunity to avoid the current problem from happening again in the near future while giving local dairy farmer an advantage in farming dairy :

  • Dairy farm will be to grow their farm expansions.


To monitor a growing calves are not an easy task, countless of time were consumed to make sure the calves would be growing healthy. The Artificial Intelligence vision system that were going to used will be able to cut down any unnecessary time by autonomously monitor the growing calves. The profit and expense can also be optimized accordingly.